Hope Hall Farm


We at HHF make it our mission, to encourage every horse and rider according to their individual abilities, to become a contented rider-horse team.

By using an extraordinary portion of consequence, rest and fairness, we are aiming at boosting the horse's talents, while respecting and accepting its limits.

The training, always focuses on the horse's well being and can only begin, after a relationship of trust between rider and horse is established.

Nothing but fairness, time and patience during the training sessions, will make a mature, happy and successful sport horse.
We offer full and partial professional training including a feeding schedule tailored to each horse, paddock service, and competition service.

Boarders are always welcome and also there is a possibility to rent a separate six stall concrete barn for your horses.

Lessons are available to all ages and all levels on either your horse or on one of ours.
For any queries or further information, please feel free to call us.